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  • Jeff Gahris

Why I am running?

An obvious question, and ultimately an easy one to answer. All of my life I have lived in or near natural areas, and have enjoyed them imensely. Over time I became an environmental professional, and worked for or with all levels of government. I have also become a "community activist" as a volunteer for the Sierra Club and other organizations, advocating for a healthy environmental and healhy communites. In short, I know environental issues better than most, and know how things work. I can bring to the Board of Commissioners a high level of passion and some real solutions. I am happy to see the upwelling of public concern about our climate as well as more local environmental and community helath issues. My desire is to serve my community to the best of my ability, and to assure the protection and enjoyment of our fabulous natural areas in DuPage County. Join me as we build OUR campaign to elevate issues and opportunites for a better quality of life for all of us.

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