The Forest Preserve District of DuPage is first and foremost the preservation of quality green space for all of us to enjoy. Expertise is required to restore our preserves to fully-functioning ecosystems for the benefit of diverse wildlife and other benefits. We must preserve and protect our heritage for future generations.

Solar Energy

Solar energy can provide clean and low cost electricity and hot water for District  operations. If this lowers the carbon footprint of the District while saving public money, why not do more of this?

Fiscal Responsibility

Let's manage District operations in a prudent manner to get the most bang for our buck when spending tax dollars. This requires thoughtful, informed decisions and reliance on the professional expertise of District staff.


We need trail improvements and accessibility for all, regardless of age, ethnicity or race, and physical health, to give everyone an opportunity to become immersed in nature. The current pandemic has given residents an opportunity to get outside safely. The preserves are more important to ever for our well-being.


Let's revive the Master plan annually for opportunities to restore rivers and wetlands in away that reduces flooding to communities downstream. 

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