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  • Jeff Gahris

Let’s Party! How to Plan a Social Event for Our Campaign

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Informal social events allow people to meet and get to know candidates for political office. It’s an opportunity for the candidate to listen to the views of the community, and for guests to volunteer money and time to make the campaign successful. As such, this is a beautiful and fun way for people to be engaged in the spirit of community. Small events in your home or other location is easy! Large events are also worth exploring, and we will help you plan.

A short checklist:

- Agree on a date and time with the campaign organization

- Invite friends and neighbors

- Provide light refreshments such as coffee, wine and cheese, as you find suitable

- Call to remind guests who RSVP’d several days ahead of your event

- Allow time for a brief presentation by the candidate, followed by Q&A, and casual discussion and social time; about one and a half hours total

- You are not required to follow up with your guests; the campaign can handle that

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