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  • Jeff Gahris

Why should anyone run for office?

In today’s world, that’s a fair question. I plan to post a series of articles in this blog about what my experiences are like in hopes that others may feel inspired to do the same during future elections.

Why do people run? It could be for a variety of reasons, including a desire to give back to the community, pushing an issue or ideology, or for some other reason such as the desire to be in the public eye. Personally, I believe most people seek public office because they care about the community in which they live.

At least for local races, one does not need huge sums of money, especially the nonpartisan ones. For school and library boards, a candidate has the opportunity to become more engaged with community residents. While it can be complex and occasionally frustrating, the rewards may make it worthwhile. Usually there is an issue that motivates people to run for office, something they feel passionate about. Also, a candidate may have a compelling campaign theme that sets them apart and makes them appealing to voters.

For the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, the candidates are partisan. One may ask what trees and open spaces have to do with a partisan political agenda. I would like to think it’s less partisan than the County Board or state legislative offices, as it should be. One advantage to consider is that political parties provide useful resources to help candidates stage an effective and meaningful campaign.

So far I am having a fabulous and rewarding experience, and look forward to posting frequently this year about the progress we make as we move forward, and what it means to me, and hopefully you, the voter and resident of DuPage District 4.

Best wishes for a fabulous 2020.

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